$100.oo Banana Box Mail Orders

Our most successful method of delivering woodturning blocks other than a personal visit is through 'banana boxes' on the courier systems. Over a number of years Treeworkx has delivered many hundreds of boxes to satisfied clients. When blocks are not satisfactory we endeavour to replace / discount the value until all parties are happy.

Fastways is our preferred courier franchise and with their help we have shifted thousands of dollars worth of prefinished round woodturning blocks. The banana box and lid allows us to package up to twenty kilograms and address it to almost anywhere in New Zealand. Testimony to this is the increasing clients we have on Islands in the Hauraki Gulf and further north. With careful addressing the boxes travel via Fastways, ferry services and delivery persons to the intended recipients on remote islands.

A typical request could be for two boxes of mixed native blocks suitable for medium-large bowls and several pieces for platter work. We select the pieces and generally include an odd rare piece as a bonus to the expected order. Invariably we receive encouraging responses once the packages arrive at their destination and often an immediate reorder is forthcoming.

The above order would probably contain six-eight pieces in each box or more if the items are slightly smaller. The boxes are always bulging and heavy.

Our normal price is $100 per box plus courier costs which may include an extra for rural delivery services. Typically the combined value far exceeds the $100 box price.

Current Fastways charges plus a little for packaging etc.

North Island $20.oo [20 kilo] standard or $25 if heavier
South Island $30.oo [20 kilo] standard or $40

Between islands service allow 48 hours

Lengths of timber up to two metres and carving blocks of similar weight [20 kilos] are couriered on a regular basis also. Above this weight and dimensions the cost increases dramatically with trucking firms.