Bespoke Custom-made Furniture

Oftentimes it is the sighting of a particular piece or selection of timber that sparks a request for a commissioned furniture item. Whether that be from the visit of a client or a word-of-mouth recommendation, it is the actual sighting of the timber grain and uniqueness of a species that triggers the desire by a client to own a piece of furniture from New Zealand timbers.

Figured Black Walnut as seen on gunstocks

Graham has three shipping containers at his Walton property full of both native and New Zealand grown exotic timbers and woodturning blanks. This represents over a decade of careful processing of numerous species, some very rare to be available on the market. These treasures are stored away for that special piece of furniture or restoration job like boat building, house and kitchen trimmings and gun stock making.

He advises a visit and careful perusal of the timber stocks to begin the adventure of designing and making an item unique to the client. Be warned this process is time consuming and potentially very additive so come prepared for the experience. If he is unable for some reason to make the item himself, Graham can recommend those who will make a special effort to satisfy the clients wishes.

Quarter-sawn grain of the Plane tree

Having selected the timber or combination of timber grains, the next step is deciding on the concept of the design and working through developing the idea.
This is where Graham's training in speedy conceptual sketching assists in visualising the piece of furniture and aids in the realisation of the final concept drawings that forms the tangible contract between the clients and the craftsman. Having established the design, it is time to allow the clients to take a breather and have a walk around the block, viewing the deer while the pricing is calculated.

The enduring grain of New Zealand Rimu

Soon there is a result and the options can be discussed and mutual negotiations held to finalise the contract price. Graham has a policy of a fifty-percent deposit at this stage to confirm the deal and allow the commencement of the item.

The settlement balance is paid upon completion of the contract when it is expected the clients visit once again to take home their furniture item.

The warmth of New Zealand Kauri