About the Author

Graham Oliver, born 1953, grew up on a small dairy farm nestled in the foothills of the Kaimai Ranges between the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions of the North Island, New Zealand.

Although used to exploring the outdoors through his natural curiosity for all things wild, he did not take readily to the foreboding native bush at the rear of the property. It took considerable personal willpower to overcome his phobia of this unknown and foreboding place. However, his excursions into the hills soon developed into eagerly awaited adventures and accompanied by his good mates he soon discovered the wonders of the New Zealand bush. Feral goats, red deer, elusive wild pigs locally and then sika, whitetail, fallow deer and numerous sea fishing excursions consumed his younger years until the serious duties of married life brought some reality to the country lad.

A crippling hip complaint kept the outdoorsman at home for ten long years through his forties, before surgery overcame the pain and he again enjoyed adventuring into the hills again. Armed with a camera and stories of his youthful experiences, Graham began writing and recorded many of his adventures; common to those who enjoy the New Zealand outdoors. He produced three autobiographical books before beginning a series of novels about the characters that have helped shape the folklore surrounding the New Zealand outdoors.

Whether your interest is in tramping, hunting, fishing, horse trekking or if you are just visiting our country, you will delight in the antics his characters get up to. Along the way, you will share in the experiences that are often unique to New Zealanders and most certainly find yourself deeply involved in the scenic panorama ranging from lofty mountaintops to the coastal foreshore.

Graham's trophy book fallow stag from the Wanganui district


Don Stevenson, Te Aroha

"I recently finished Graham Oliver's 'A Matter of Honour' 'Live and Let Die', and 'Te Utu Urewera' and wanted to say how much I enjoyed this adventure trilogy.

A fast-paced, action-packed plot makes these books hard to put down. The setting - which range from New Zealand's West Coast to Norfolk Island, from Africa to Opotiki and many, many miles of bush and sea in between - are so vividly described, you feel like you're right there. And a cast of colourful characters makes the story come to life.

Knowing some of the characters and incidents are based on real life also added an extra dimension and kept me happily guessing throughout. Just what is fact and what is fiction?

But, as we all know, actions speak louder than words. So my first action on finishing these books was to pass them on to my son, who like me is a keen fisherman, and who like me agrees these three books are a great read.

Thoroughly recommended!"