Course Testimonials

Dan Arbuckle"I thank Graham for introducing me to the art of woodturning 15 years ago. His enthusiasm for this hobby has rubbed off on me and has remained with me all through these years."

Daniel Arbuckle


"I attended Matamata College and was taught Woodwork by Graham Oliver over my time there. The woodwork skills I learnt were to a high standard, reflected by the high marks I got in School C and Sixth Form Certificate Woodwork. These skills have been very beneficial in my career since leaving school, with me doing a Cabinetmaking apprenticeship and now owning my own successful business, ‘di Rosa Cabinetry and Furniture' where we specialise in making custom made furniture, and high quality kitchens. I never regret spending that time learning the ‘woodwork basics' and thank Graham for the time he invested in me, teaching me what he knew."

Glen Diprose