Custom & Restoration Furniture

Graham enjoys a challenge and one that he finds very satisfying is to fulfil a client's wishes with a beautiful piece of furniture. This is where the definition of that old fashion word ‘bespoke' comes into play.

With his years of experience in designing and woodworking practical knowledge, he can translate the client's desire into a gleaming new piece of furniture or in the case of a restoration, not so new looking artefact.

Graham had the privilege of working on numerous antique items from the Oxford Antique shop in Tirau over several years. This establishment was renown for outstanding New Zealand and imported antique furniture under its founding owner Henry Clothier.

Every item was a new challenge and invariably accomplished on time and to a very high standard.

Nowadays, Graham uses this experience to teach his senior students the basics to making money from antique restoration work and they gain useful qualification along the way.

Jack is one of Graham’s senior students and is pictured restoring an hundred year old Kauri pew

If you or someone you know would like a special piece of furniture made from the huge array of native or exotic timber species Graham has in stock, just drop him an email or speak with him personally. He may be interested in quoting on the project or could pass it on to a colleague for further consideration.

Graham has a family member involved in the upholstery business and can take care of that type of new and restorative work.

Walnut, Ash,  Rimu, Kauri, Plane, Chestnut,  Oak 
All these very striking timber species are in stock