A loving wife arranged this novice hunter's first deer as a Christmas present.

We helped with a rifle and shared in an early morning hunt in the Te Puke hills.

My daughter Catherine took this nice Fallow stag from one hundred and ninety metres.

My Dad finished off Mum's fifteen-pointer near Rotorua

Hunting is my passion and now that I am a little older in years it brings me great pleasure to share that passion with the younger generation. Therefore, I take every opportunity to impart and enthuse the impressionable youth of today. I have coached Clay Target shooting weekly for twenty-five years and now conduct firearms licensing monthly.

My greatest pleasure comes from introducing a young person to the wonderful world of hunting. Whether that be on an organised deerstalkers weekend or at my tiny private hunting block, it matters little as long as the experience is positive.

A nice Rusa stag fell to the .223 but not before we made a very careful hunt into a strong wind.

Mister Kea made a delightful nuisance of himself in the mountains.

Many people new to the hunting scene struggle to gain access to safe hunting places because of a lack of information on where to hunt. I discovered from personal experience the quickest way to become successful out in the bush is to employ a guide. On every occasion I have done so, we have produced the goodies. Therefore I propose to list a few suggestions to assist with your future hunting adventures.

For less than $100 a father and son/daughter can join a branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association ; where in the case of my BOP branch, they have a training course called the HUNTS Course and organised deerstalking trips where you can expect to shoot your first animal with an instructor.

A trophy comes in all sizes-a young hunter and his first big Billy.

Catherine posing in the Urewera.


It is while you are on these types of trips that an older hunter may suggest you join him on a private hunt he has planned. If you treat his invitation with respect and do the right thing, he may well repeat the invitation.

Meanwhile the Deerstalkers branch may well be organising a more advanced trip into the South Island for Red Deer stags or tahr / chamios. The opportunity should not be missed as these trips hone the skills and develop the hunter within.

Game preserves offer another opportunity to begin the adventure that is hunting and provide your meat for the freezer. For a modest sum you will be guided over some picturesque countryside and the best thing is that the hunt is nearly always successful. Some meat animals can cost as little as $300 for the day out and you will treasure the experience and feed the family.

Even a full weekend away including several animals for a group of hunters can be very cost effective and is always a great way to spend time together. A trophy animal is much more expensive but worth every dollar invested.