height - 65-80 feet
diameter - 3-8 feet

The Matai is a tree of relatively large proportions and classic shape. It is easily distinguished by the "hammer-like" bark on a strong columnar trunk. The timber is strong and tough, lending itself to flooring and joinery purposes the past. The grain is very straight and even in the trunk, with warm tones of brown, tinged with yellow. It is the stumpwood that is particularity sort by woodturners. This material is often swirly grain and rich in colour variation, including cream, yellow, fawn, to deep brown. Burrwood is often harvested with this species, but commands a premium price. Because Matai is so durable in the ground, stumps are readily available for export. The Asian peoples appreciate the impressive stump forms and order tables cut from whole stumps, often weighing some tonnes.

Because Matai is such a stable timber, large dimensioned furniture and woodturning items can be made from the material. Platters, large bowls and hollow forms are successfully accomplished in Matai, along with perfectly fitted lidded boxes.