New Zealand Historical Novels

Three gripping novels form a unique "I can't put them down" outdoors saga about New Zealanders who live on the edge of society.

Commercial fishermen, meat hunters, mercenaries and army personal.

A Matter of Honour

Graham Oliver

Maybe you know someone like Mac?

Live and Let Die

Graham Oliver

Truth can be stranger than fiction!

Te Utu Urewera

Graham Oliver

Finally revenge comes but not how you would have predicted.

Reflections of the Kauri Years

Graham Oliver

Follow a pioneering family from their beginning as they landed in Christchurch off the sailing clipper through the hard days of the Kauri extraction era to their modern-day ancestors in the Coromandel.

The Taranaki Kid

Graham Oliver

You will be scratching to find a more ‘down-to-earth' New Zealand character than ‘Curly'. A modern-day living pioneer with an unbelievable story or two.

Hina - Portrait of a Maori Heart

Rangi Caroll

A beautiful if not brutal story of a Taupo teenager from the Maori perspective.