Non-blood Shooting Sports

Clay Target Shooting

Graham has coached Secondary Schools Clay Target shooting since 1985. He helped revive and establish the sport in the central North Island as a serious minor sport within the secondary system and adjudicated the National Postal Shoots for many years. His students have won many National titles and a past team member is a multiple World Title holder.

In his opinion there is no better way to learn the discipline of safe firearms usage other than through similar organisations.





2002/2003 Swazi - Matamata College Team

Winners of all New Zealand Secondary Championships





You don't have to be big to successfully use a shotgun.

NZDA Rifle range and NZ Bench Rest Association

...both organisation that start off shooters and promote firearms safety.

NZ Mountain Safety Firearms Instruction

... Graham is a local firearms testing officer in Matamata and can be contacted to sit tests in preparation for obtaining a Firearms License through the NZ Police.