The Paratu

Here's something very special for your young person
contemplating hunting - treat them to the

Paratu Block Experience

Hind $500.oo
Stag $100 per point

I have developed a small forested block containing a herd of Spanish Fallow deer and a few pig/wild sheep. Here is the opportunity to take a fallow hind with either a bow or low-powered rifle, learn to clean and prepare the kill under my instruction.

And you get to select a pre-tanned skin to remember the hunt along with the your delicious venison. The entire family can enjoy the experience by staying in the hunter's huts and cooking on the outdoor barbeque, trying my wild meats.

Two night package includes one hind, tanned skin, complimentary accommodation and meals for the group. All you need is the sleeping bags, camera, chilly bins and favourite drinks for around the barbeque.

The function of the barbeque is to feed a large group of people. Yet it is the preparation by someone new to fire lighting that brings me the greatest satisfaction. They gather up a few armfuls of trash off the ground and soon the plate is sizzling ready for fresh meat.

The fallow will come right up to the barbeque site with a little enticement of supplementary feed.