height - 60-100 feet
diameter - 3-12 feet

Rimu is the most predominant large tree of the New Zealand forest. However there has been a dramatic reduction in numbers due to extensive milling for building materials and wholesale land clearance in the recent past. Government regulations effectively halted this lost of the Rimu by restricting milling in 1987. Trees have been harvested on a sustainable yield basis since that date utilising bulldozers and heavy-lift helicopters. These operations are carefully monitored and the timber movements regulated to protect New Zealand's reserves.

Rimu is a highly prized furniture timber in New Zealand and is coveted internationally for its rich grain. The timber is relatively soft grained and of medium weight, between 36 - 40 lbs per cubic foot. Though stumpwood is considerably heavier due to the dense grain. The grain is usually straight and even but can have spectacular colour changes from light brown, yellow through to deep brown.

Woodturners find the texture, colour and spectacular hues most rewarding, though the seasoning of end grain is difficult. Rimu is well suited to domestic ware; bowls, platters, and artistic hollow forms. Raw blocks are available for export from stumps which were harvested before 1987. This is a premium product and is priced accordingly.