height - 35-50 feet
diameter - 2-12 feet

The Totara is a special tree to the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, the Maori. They traditionally harvested the huge Totara log for their sea-going Waka [canoe]

The consecrated tree would be hand felled and hollowed by repeatedly burning the inside until the heavy shelled vessel was crafted into a war machine, capable of raiding enemy over great sea distances. The Totara tree is reputed for the amazing burr or burlwood which can festoon its trunk. This burrwood is an increasingly rear commodity and produces outstanding turnery. Precious boxes and miniture work is the arena into which the little burrwood fits.

Totara is usually pink in colour and rather bland, but stumpwood is exciting and often grain embellishments can be harvested, which make this species very interesting. The burrwood is much darker and resembles most spotted burrwood grains internationally.

Totara is extremely durable and stumpwood is readily available for exporting.